161st Street – Yankee Stadium (New York City Subway) in New York City

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161st Street – Yankee Stadium is a New York City Subway station complex shared by the elevated IRT Jerome Avenue Line and the underground IND Concourse Line. Located at the intersection of 161st Street and River Avenue in the Bronx, it is served by:

  • 4 trains at all times
  • D trains at all times except rush hours in the peak direction
  • B trains during rush hours

Yankee Stadium is outside and many Bronx County courts, government facilities, and shopping districts are a short walk to the east. (Yankee Stadium is also accessible via the MTA's Metro-North via the Yankees – East 153rd Street station.)

This is one of only two station complexes in The Bronx (the other being 149th Street – Grand Concourse). When the IND portion was built in 1933, paper tickets were used to transfer between the two lines; this method was used until the 1950s, when the indoor escalators were built. The complex has been fully renovated to include ADA-accessible elevators to all platforms.

The combined passenger count for the complex in 2010 was 8,434,247, making it the busiest station in the Bronx and 36th overall.<ref name="2010-rider" />

IRT Jerome Avenue Line platforms

161st Street – Yankee Stadium is a local station on the IRT Jerome Avenue Line that has three tracks and two side platforms. There are extra exit stairs to handle stadium crowds at each platform, which make them much longer than traditional IRT platforms. The station contains two mosaics that indicate "161st Street," which are painted over at the main exit stairs on each platform. Windscreens have been installed, which block the view of Yankee Stadium from the station.

Looking north from the platforms, the tracks swing apart for space where the IRT Ninth Avenue Line tracks formerly joined the line. The trackways that carried the Ninth Avenue line tracks were torn down to allow construction of the new Yankee Stadium.

IND Concourse Line platforms

161st Street – Yankee Stadium is a local station on the IND Concourse Line that has three tracks and two side platforms.

The full-time mezzanine is at 161st Street and River Avenue with four street staircases. The part-time entrance is at Walton Avenue and has two street staircases and a passageway to 161st Street. Before the renovation, there was a full length mezzanine, with Transit Bureau Offices located to one side. After the renovation, the NYPD area was expanded, and public areas inside fare control were sealed, thus dividing the mezzanine into two separate areas. A few staircases to the platforms were also sealed and removed.

The 2002 artwork here is called Wall-Slide by Vito Acconci and Sea of Tranquility by Helene Brandt.


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