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ABBA the Museum is the planned official museum of the Swedish pop group ABBA, located in Stockholm, Sweden. The museum is currently under construction with an original scheduled opening of spring 2009 that has been delayed to 2010.


Ewa Wigenheim-Westman and Ulf Westman, the two entrepreneurs behind the museum, were inspired to create an ABBA-themed museum after visiting the Beatles museum in Liverpool, England. It took the pair two years to convince the members of ABBA that creating a museum would be a good idea.

The couple announced their plans for the museum on November 11, 2006.

On May 22, 2007, the founders announced the official site has been chosen for the museum. The 6,500-square-metre museum will be located in a renovated warehouse on the south quay of central Stockholm, walking distance across from the Gröna Lund amusement park. Four months later, in September, architects Peter Ullstad and Patrick Rehnberg were chosen to design the attraction.

ABBA the Museum was previously expected to open June 3, 2009, with tickets on sale as of March 2008. The founders estimate that once the museum opens its doors, it will attract half a million visitors per year.<ref name="Basic Facts - ABBA the Museum"/>

Museum experience

The museum will house artifacts pertaining to the group such as their clothes, instruments, gold records<ref name="Canadian Broadcasting Corporation"/> , as well as a café and the largest ABBA shop in the world.

ABBA the Museum will make use of the latest interactive technology, which will allow visitors of all ages to relive the group's history and to also sing and dance along with ABBA music. Upon entering the museum, visitors will follow ABBA history in a linear manner, starting with the members' individual careers and ending with their break-up in 1983.<ref name=""/> ABBA themselves have said jointly they feel the site "will be a fun and swinging museum to visit."

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