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The Ancient Synagogue of Barcelona (, ) is believed to be an ancient synagogue located in the centre of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It has been described as one of the oldest synagogues in Europe. After many centuries of use for other purposes, the building re-opened as a synagogue and museum in 2002. No congregation prays regularly at the Sinagoga Major, but it is used for festive occasions.

Riera's work led Miguel Iaffa to examine the exterior of the building. Iaffa noted that the structure had been built in compliance with religious requirements that the building should face Jerusalem and that it should have two windows. The Sinagoga Major was opened to the public in 2002, and it drew 20,000 visitors during 2005.<ref name=j/>

In 2003, two Canadians became the first couple to be married at the Sinagoga Major in more than 600 years. A New York attorney donated a 500-year-old sefer Torah (Torah scroll) to the synagogue in 2006.<ref name=j/>

Barcelona also has a handsome, active, modern synagogue, the Comunidad Israelita de Barcelona.<ref name=Leviant/>

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