Arenes de Lutece in Paris

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An ancient Roman theater, the only surviving above-ground ruins of the Gallo-Roman era in Paris (ancient Lutetia, French ''Lutèce'') apart the nearby ''Thermes de Cluny''. The theater could hold approximately 15,000 spectators and measures some 132 m x 100 m. Built sometime in the 2nd century AD, the location of the actor's dressing room, the platform of the stage and lapidary remains can still be seen. The remains were rediscovered in 1869, when new streets were being built - an excavation was
Price: entry free
Hours: open 8AM - 5.30PM (winter), 8AM - 10PM (summer)
Address: 47 rue Monge et rue de Navarre
Directions: Métro: Place Monge, Jussieu, Cardinal Lemoine

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