Audubon Zoo in New Orleans

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The Audubon Zoo is a zoo located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is part of the Audubon Nature Institute which also manages the Aquarium of the Americas. The zoo covers and is home to 2,000 animals. It is located in a section of Audubon Park in Uptown New Orleans, on the Mississippi River side of Magazine Street. The zoo and park are named in honor of artist and naturalist John James Audubon who lived in New Orleans starting in 1821.

Some of the exhibits include gorillas, orangutans, and the Louisiana swamp exhibit. It is also home to two rare white tigers and rare white alligators. The zoo is open year round Tuesday through Sunday, except Mardi Gras, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Notable attractions

Swamp Exhibit

This exhibit is primarily outdoors, housing many samples of animals native to southern Louisiana. These include black bears, racoons, otters, nutria, cottonmouth, copperhead, various colubrids, leucistic alligators, and a number of normal American ones.

After Hurricane Katrina, it was thematically decorated to mimic the scenes seen around the city. There was a small refrigerator taped up outside of the front door, a blue tarp stretched over the roof, and a marking that indicated no casualties were found in it, rather, that the 8 alligators that inhabit it were fed with the notion of the number 8 and "Gators Fed" written below it.

Reptile Encounter

One of the newer and more famous residents of this exhibit is the Komodo Dragon. Many other animals are also housed here, including the beaded lizard, gila monster, green anaconda, reticulated python, gaboon viper, rattlesnake, caiman, and quite a few other reptiles and amphibians.


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