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Blankenese is a former independent town, now a suburban quarter in the borough Altona in the western part of Hamburg (Germany). It is located on right bank of the Elbe river. In 2006 the population was 13,011.


Blankenese has a long history as a fishing village along the Elbe River.

In 1060, Archbishop Adalbert of Bremen built a provost's residence at the site of an older settlement at the hill Süllberg. Later the counts of Holstein built a castle. Both were destroyed through Hamburg.

Until 1927 Blankenese was an independent town in Holstein and then it was merged into the town Altona by law. In 1938 Altona was merged into Hamburg with the Greater Hamburg Act. The local quarter court Amtsgericht Hamburg-Blankenese is located Dormienstrasse.

As of the summer of 2008, the main train station in Blankenese is being completely rebuilt.

Blankenese's waterfront is serviced many times a day by various, inexpensive water shuttles. There are many buoys in the river to help guide all sizes of watercraft, since this part of the river has many sandbars and is subject to the tides.

Notable People from Blankenese

  • Rudolph Crasemann
  • Johann Cesar VI. Godeffroy
  • Karen Horney

Web Presence

Blankense has its own website [1] which posts recent pictures and news events for its residents.

Additionally, one can view live webcam feeds from up and down the Elbe River, starting with the harbor all the way to Cuxhafen. These webcams [2] allow virtual visitors of Blankenese to watch the many commercial container and pleasure ships travel up and down the Elbe in real time.

Sister cities

  • Gladsaxe, Denmark (since 1962)


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