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The Cartoon Art Museum (CAM) is a California art museum that specializes in the art of comics and cartoons. It is the only museum in the Western United States dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of all forms of cartoon art. The permanent collection features some 6,000 pieces, including original animation cels, comic book pages and early newspaper comic strips.

The museum is located in the Yerba Buena Gardens cultural district of San Francisco, in the South of Market neighborhood.


The Museum was founded in 1984 by comic art enthusiasts, with its primary founder being Malcolm Whyte, a former publisher. Its first incarnation had no fixed location, instead organizing showings at other local museums and corporate spaces. In 1987, with the help of an endowment from cartoonist Charles Schulz, it established a home on the second floor of the San Francisco Call-Bulletin Building in the South of Market area. In 2001, it moved to the ground-floor location at 655 Mission Street, which had been vacated by the Friends of Photography Ansel Adams Center.


The Museum hosts nine to 12 major exhibitions annually, along with classes for children and adults. It also offers lectures and operates a research library, a classroom and a bookstore.

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