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The Dublin Ghost Bus Tour is a night-time bus tour through Dublin, Ireland taking in several allegedly haunted places, and visiting many of the city's historic sites. The tour is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes long. The tour service is provided by Dublin Bus, the public transit bus service for the greater Dublin area.

The Tour

The bus used is a specially customised double-decker bus, coloured purple, with a ghost themed exterior, with purple seats and curtains inside to create a mood for the tour. The tour usually runs at night, with some tours starting during the day at certain times of the year, and includes two stops where passengers disembark and visit locations where ghosts have allegedly been seen.

The bus leaves from outside Dublin Bus headquarters on O'Connell Street and heads down past Trinity College. The tour guide, a professional actor, recounts Bram Stokers creation of his novel Dracula, and other stories of banshees and surgeons paying body snatchers for fresh corpses, such as Dr. Clossey's school of anatomy.

The Clossey story leads into the trip to St. Kevins Churchyard, on Camden Row. The tour locks the gate leading into the graveyard turned park. Furter tales of hauntings are given, along with more detail about grave-robbers, including Burke and Hare, before asking for a volunteer to simulate a grave robbing.

The next stop on the tour is St. Audoen's church and the 40 steps. Here the apparition of the "green lady" has been reported for generations.

The tour ends on O'Connell Street.

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