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El Prat de Llobregat (sometimes shortened to El Prat or Prat) is small city in the Baix Llobregat region of Catalonia in Spain. With a quiet atmosphere and friendly people, it has the advantage of both a big city and a small town.

Population: 63,190.

The city covers an area 32 km2, including production farming, a large industrial estate and commercial real estate.

The weather is typical Mediterranean. The annual average temperature is around 15 C. Summer is sunny but not usually too hot. The winter is mild and humid, though it doesn’t rain very often. Sometimes it rains in May and October; but not often in February and July.

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El Prat is strategicly located between Barcelona and the airport which brings a lot tourism in Catalonia. Barcelona’s airport is the eighth busiest airport in the world. You can find cheap flights...

On the one hand, close to Barcelona and on the other, close to Hospitalet and very close to Cornellá, Sant Boi and Viladecans.

Bus and railway stations.

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El Prat has a little old town with the church, the town hall, the theatre and the old market. Also, it has of narrow streets with ground houses.

The town has parks and gardens to walk and to play...

There’s an area called Parc Nou where people go at weekends to eat barbecue meat with the family. They relax and watch the airplanes land and take off.

  • River Llobregat .


The people at the weekend, also, walk in the beach and sunbathe. In El Prat there is a beach. The people sunbathe on the beach.

Nowadays the beach is cleaner than a few years ago this is why people can enjoy it and go to walk and to swim. Also it has one long beach with calm and warm water.

El Prat is also famous for its bank holidays. One in September coincides with the Mercè in Barcelona, while another in December celebrates the “avicola party”.


In Zonilla, the modern town has fashion shops, bars, restaurants and an ice-cream parlour.


Poultry farmed by ”Pollastre de pota blava”. Pota blava chicken is fed with cereal.

The land of the Llobregat River delta produces quality lettuce, artichoke and melon.


El Prat de Llobregat is famous for its Vermouth and Tarrida.

  • coffee
  • beer



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