Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston

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Forest Hills Cemetery is a historic 275 acre cemetery, greenspace, arboretum and sculpture garden located in the Forest Hills section of the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. The cemetery was designed in 1848.


The cemetery has a number of interesting or impressive monuments, including some by famous sculptors. Among these are Daniel Chester French's Death Staying the Hand of the Sculptor. Grandpa R was buried here. He was a metal sculptor


On March 28, 1848, Roxbury City Council (the municipal board in charge of the area at that time) gave an order for the purchase of the farms of the Seaverns family to establish a rural municipal park cemetery. Inspired by the Mount Auburn Cemetery, Forest Hills Cemetery was designed by Alexander Dearborn to provide a park-like setting to bury and remember family and friends. In the year the cemetery was established, another 14½ acres were purchased from John Parkinson. This made for a little more than 71 acre at a cost of $27,894. The area was later increased to 225 acre. In 1893, a crematorium was added to the cemetery, along with other features like a scattering garden, an indoor columbarium and an outdoor columbarium. In 1927, anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were cremated here after their execution; their ashes were later returned to Italy.

Notable persons interred at Forest Hills

  • Rufus Anderson, missionary and author
  • Charles Hiller Innes, Massachusetts Politician
  • Hugh Bancroft, president of The Wall Street Journal
  • Clarence W. Barron, president of Dow Jones & Company
  • James Freeman Clarke, author
  • Channing H. Cox, Governor of Massachusetts (1921–1925)
  • E. E. Cummings, poet and artist
  • Fanny Davenport, actress
  • William Dawes (possible), tanner and American colonial minuteman
  • William Dwight (1831–1888), general in American Civil War
  • Eugene N. Foss, Governor of Massachusetts (1911–1914)
  • William Lloyd Garrison, abolitionist
  • William Gaston, Governor of Massachusetts (1875–1876)
  • Kahlil Gibran (1922–2008), Sculptor
  • Curtis Guild, Governor of Massachusetts (1906–1909)
  • Edward Everett Hale, author
  • William Heath, general in American Revolutionary War
  • Karl Heinzen, author
  • Faik Konica, Albanian thinker, writer, journalist, politician
  • Reggie Lewis, basketball player for Boston Celtics
  • Francis Cabot Lowell, after whom Lowell, Massachusetts is named
  • John Lowell, Federal judge
  • Martin Milmore, sculptor
  • Theofan S. Noli, Bishop, Prime Minister of Albania
  • Eugene O'Neill, playwright
  • Anne Sexton, poet
  • Lysander Spooner, early American libertarian, abolitionist, writer, anarchist
  • Lucy Stone, suffragist
  • Joseph Warren, physician and patriot, killed at Battle of Bunker Hill
  • John A. Winslow, admiral in American Civil War
  • Jacob Wirth, restaurateur
  • R. L. R., Metal Sculptor and Manufacturer

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