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Gellért Thermal Baths and Swimming Pool, also called Gellért fürdő or Gellért Baths, are a bath complex in Budapest, Hungary, built between 1912 and 1918 in the (Secession) Art Nouveau style. They were damaged during World War II, but then rebuilt. References to healing waters in this location are found from as early as the 13th century. A hospital was located on this site during the Middle Ages. During the reign of the Ottoman Empire, baths were also built on this particular site.

The Gellért Baths complex includes thermal baths, which are small pools containing water from Gellért hill's mineral hot springs. The water contains calcium, magnesium, hydrocarbonate, alkalis, chloride, sulfate and fluoride. Medical indications of the water includes degenerative joint illnesses, spine problems, chronic and sub-acute joint inflammations, vertebral disk problems, neuralgia, vasoconstriction and circulatory disturbances; inhalation problems for the treatment of asthma and chronic bronchitis problems. There are two different thermal baths, according to the signs on the walls of the baths, one is around 36 °C and the other around 38 °C. The thermal baths are decorated beautifully with mosaic tiles.

Gellért Spa is famous for its main hall with gallery and glass roof, built in Art-Nouveau style.

The current bath complex and hotel was opened in 1918 and was expanded in 1927 and 1934 with artificial wave pool and with bubble bath.

The complex also includes saunas and plunge pools (segregated by gender), an open-air swimming pool which can create artificial waves every ten minutes and an effervescent swimming pool. A Finnish sauna with cold pool and children's pool is also enclosed within the complex. Masseuse services are available.

The one warm water swimming pool is possible to visit mixed, but the male and female thermal sections (saunas and massage) are separate. In 2011, every Sunday is a family day, so all sections can be visited mixed.

Gellért Baths also offer a range of medical services.

Towels and swimsuits may be rented or bought in the Spa. On holidays and at weekends the entrance fee is higher than on workdays. In February 2011, the prices were between 4100 and 4300 HUF. Massage is charged extra, 4100 HUF. (Current prices: see external link below.)

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