Ham House in London

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Ham House is situated beside the River Thames in Ham, south of Richmond in London, United Kingdom. It is claimed by the National Trust to be "unique in Europe as the most complete survival of 17th century fashion and power."

It was the primary residence of Elizabeth Maitland, Duchess of Lauderdale.

John Campbell, second duke of Argyll, was born here in 1680.


The tea terrace is reputed to have the oldest Christ's thorn bush in the country. Walnut and chestnut trees in the outer courtyard act as roosts and nesting sites for a large flock of green parakeets. The formal listed avenues are formed by more than 250 trees.

The house has changed little in 300 years, and the same applies to its formal gardens, which feature the oldest Orangery in Britain, an icehouse and a dairy. The National Trust has a tea room for visitors.

The house is said to be haunted by the Duchess of Lauderdale and her dog, which a number of visitors claim to have seen running down the corridors (no dogs are allowed in the building). The house was subject to a year long investigation by the Ghost Club which recorded a number of phenomena that remain 'unexplained'.

Hammerton's Ferry links the gardens to Marble Hill House on the opposite bank of the river.

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