Kaknästornet in Stockholm

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The Kaknäs tower is a TV tower in Stockholm, Sweden. It has 72 pillars. The tower is a major hub of Swedish television, radio and satellite broadcasts. It was finished in 1967, designed by architect Bengt Lindroos, and the height is 155 m or 170 m with the antenna included. For many years Kaknästornet was the tallest building in Scandinavia until Näsinneula was opened in Tampere, Finland in 1971. It was surpassed in 2000 by the Kista Science Tower in north Stockholm as the tallest building of Sweden, a mere three meters taller, which in turn was surpassed by Turning Torso in Malmö in 2005. The tower is owned by the national Swedish broadcasting company Teracom. It can not communicate with some southern satellites due the environmental orders that protect the ancient oak trees owned by the King of Sweden. These block the "line-of-sight".

The tower is open to the public, with information centre/gift shop, indoor and outdoor observation decks as well as a restaurant. The tower affords superb views of Stockholm city to the west and Stockholm archipelago to the east.

Popular culture

  • The tower appears in the SVT1 (a.k.a. Kanal1) ident from 1988. [1]

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