Kastrup Fort in Copenhagen

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Another of Copenhagen's old fortifications, which has been turned into an attractive park. Other than the outline, moat, walls and a few buildings remaining, there is not much to see here in terms of history. But there are some nice views over the sound and you can venture into the open part of the catacombs and see bullet holes from Nazi executions during WWII. A stroll here is easily combined with a visit to Amager Strandpark (see Do section), but otherwise probably not worth the effort.
Hours: 7AM-6:30PM
Address: Amager Strandvej 246
Phone: +45 33 66 36 60
Url: http://www.kk.dk/Borger/ByOgTrafik/GroenneOmraader/byensparker/kastrupfort

Source wikitravel.org/en/Copenhagen/Amager