l'Arc de Triomphe in Paris

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This iconic triumphal arch forms the focus of the main east-west road axis of Paris, running between the Louvre and the ''Grande Arche de la Défense'' in the west. The monument was commissioned by Napoleon in 1806 as a tribute to his victories as Emperor of France - it was finally completed in 1836, long after his death. 50 m (150 ft) high and 45 m wide, the Arc de Triomphe is decorated with battle scenes and martial sculptures that includes ''La Marseillaise'' by Rude. More recently, the Tomb o
Price: admission fee applies for over-17s
Address: place Charles de Gaulle
Directions: Métro Charles de Gaulle-Etoile
Phone: +33 1 01 11 01 03

Source wikitravel.org/en/Paris/8th arrondissement