Liljeholmen in Stockholm

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Liljeholmen is a district of south-west Stockholm, very close to the city centre. It is located approximately 1 kilometre south of Hornstull, an area in Södermalm in the inner city. Formerly an industrial area, Liljeholmen is now a residential area with good transport connections. There is also a large lake ideal for walking round, and beautiful parks and gardens are scattered around the district.

Get in/around

By metro

Liljeholmen is well connected with the rest of Stockholm and is a main interchange point on the SL metro. It is on the red line, just six stations towards Norsborg or Fruängen from T-Centralen, the central staition.

By bus

Many buses southbound depart from the Liljeholmen underground bus terminal. The destinations include the beautiful seaside village Ekensberg via Gröndal (bus 133), northern and southern suburbs Solna and Älvsjö (bus 152), and if you travel before 9 am/after 3 pm, you can even visit the small riverside town of Södertälje or the biggest IKEA in the world,10 minutes along the motorway (bus 748)!

By tram

For those who like trams, Liljeholmen is a treat! The station is located at the centre of the Tvärbanan, the "crossway" ultra-modern tramline. The line gets its name from its route - it crosses a whole stretch from north-west Stockholm - Alvik - all the way to the newly built area of Sickla Udde, in the south-east! At Alvik (green line metro), have a stroll down the lakeside, then get on the Tvärbanan tram and discover the breathtaking views as you go over the bridge from the Stora Essingen islands to Gröndal. Gröndal also has nice riverside walks and has a village charm, with the library and another entrance to the large Trekanten lake. Two stops from Gröndal is Liljeholmen, and then, after about ten minutes , you arrive in Globen (green line metro), the world-famous globe stadium located directly south of Skanstull. Globen is home to all big concerts, ice skating and ice hockey shows in Sweden. Globen has even hosted Eurovision a few times! Then, via Gullmarsplan, continue to Sickla Udde, practically flying many metres over the city on water, and reach an architect's dream of a modern borough. In the summer take a swim, and in the winter enjoy the snow-laid modern paths surrounding the sea, and take the boat to Södermalm (free with Stockholm card/travelcard).


Trekanten lake

One of the main features of the Liljeholmen borough is the lake Trekanten ("Three corners"), which is ideal for both swimming in at summertime and ice-skating in the winter! Take a relaxing 2½ kilometre (1½ mile) walk around the magnificent lake and take some impressive holiday snaps which are bound to make anyone's next destination Trekanten! On the walk you will come across a half-grass half-sand beach, where the water temperatures are quite high in the summers, when many are seen bathing in the safe, clear water. If you are visiting in winter, don't miss the hill about half way through the walk which is ideal for tobogganing on when the snow is thick. At summer, you can also take a fishing rod and do some fishing with the locals, if you ask the fishing club for permission. There are two ice-cream shops, one at the beach and one at the entrance of the lake. A small café serving hot food is located about a quarter of the way round the lake.



Vinterviken is a popular swimming/sunbathing area close to the old Nobel dynamite factories, old explosion test caves can be seen when walking around the seaside area. The old factory building is a Cafe/Museum. Good place to have a good time when the sun is making the mountion rock hot, bring something to sit on, otherwise its too hot to sit on the bare rock. Beware that it may be packed in summertime during warm evenings due to the beuatiful sunset view. Closest metro is Axelsberg, walk northeast towards the water.

Fun fact: Nobel was forced out of Vinterviken by the city council, due to several fatal accidents related to explosive experiments.




  • Färgfabriken


Liljeholmen is not a place for shopping, but essentials are available. There is an "Apoteket", the only pharmacy chain in Sweden, located near the station along with a Pressbyrån newsagent, where you can by SL tickets, newspapers, magazines and snacks. A small Coop grocery shop, an everyday outdoor bread seller and a hot dog kiosk is also located in the square.

There is a second hand shop and larger Coop located in Gröndal. In October a major Stockholm shopping centre will be opening in Liljeholmen square. This will have space for 1000 cars and will house all the major Swedish supermarket/shop chains.


There are not many places to eat in/around Liljeholmen, but here are some popular restaurants:

  • Metro Pizzeria - an Italian restaurant in the metro station serving pizzas and
  • Tant Åkes Krog - serves traditional Swedish food, at Liljeholmstorget 6, located in the large building in the square.
  • Trekanten restaurant - also serves traditional Swedish food, located about one quarter around the Trekanten lake.
  • Various small restaurants/cafés/sushi bars - serving different kinds of food in Marieviken, the business quarter of the district. Mainly open at office hours. There are also some other cafés in Gröndal.
  • Nana Thai - a friendly restaurant serving delicious Thai food. Located just over the bridge in Hornstull.