Montgomery's Inn in Toronto

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Montgomery's Inn is a historic home and inn in the Islington neighbourhood of Etobicoke in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Built in 1832 in a Georgian style with later additions, the inn has been restored to an 1847 period, and operates as a museum of the City of Toronto. Once in danger of demolition, it is a cherished remnant of colonial times in Upper Canada. Though most of its artefacts are not original to the building, they are period pieces, and a few belonged to the Montgomery family.

Montgomery's Inn operated as Etobicoke's civic museum before the City of Etobicoke was absorbed into the City of Toronto in 1998. Yet it maintains a tradition of showcasing Etobicoke neighborhood history through historical interpretive displays in the modern sections of the building.

It no longer functions as an inn.

A window to colonial times

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