Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto

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Mount Pleasant Cemetery is a cemetery located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In the early 19th century, the only authorized cemeteries within the city of Toronto (then known as York) were limited to the members of either the Roman Catholic Church or the Church of England. Deceased citizens who did not belong to either of these Christian denominations had no choice but to find burial arrangements outside of the city. In 1873, a new cemetery available to all citizens was conceived. Originally a 200 acre farm, on the far outskirts of Toronto, Mount Pleasant Cemetery opened on November 4, 1876 with more than twelve miles (19 km) of carriage drives along rolling hills and ponds. Mount Pleasant Road was later constructed to pass through the centre of the cemetery and is named after this cemetery. With the growth in population, today the cemetery is located in the centre of the city. While the watercourses have since been filled in, the cemetery still has many miles of walking paths, interspersed with fountains, statues, botanical gardens, and rare and distinct trees.

As the final resting place of more than 168,000 persons, Mount Pleasant Cemetery contains remarkable architecture amongst its many monuments. The cemetery was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 2000.

Mount Pleasant Visitation Centre

Completed in the Fall of 2009, the Mount Pleasant Visitation Centre is a new building built on the cemetery grounds designed to provide visitation space, chapel services, and reception space. The brick building is approximately 2,200 square meters in total size, with an outdoor 80 car parking lot.

The cemetery began planning the building as early as 2004, but disputes with the City of Toronto, local ratepayer associations, and the Ontario Municipal Board all delayed the project. Changes were made as a result of this process, most notably vehicle access is now through the cemetery grounds only, not directly from Moore Avenue.

Notable interments


  • William George 'Billy' Barker, VC, DSO & Bar, MC & Two Bars (1894–1930), LCOL, 201 Squadron, RAF. World War I flying ace, Victoria Cross recipient
  • George Fraser Kerr, VC, MC & Bar, MM (1895–1929), CAPT, 3rd battalion (Toronto) Central Ontario Regiment, CEF. World War I Victoria Cross recipient


  • Arthur Godfrey Peuchen Lieutenant-Colonel (April 18, 1859 – December 7, 1929) was a Canadian businessman and RMS Titanic survivor. He was also a WWI veteran.

Medicine Personalities

  • Frederick Banting (1891–1941) & Charles Best (1899–1978), co-discoverers of insulin
  • Bertha Harmer (1880–1934), prominent Canadian/American nurse
  • Jennie Smillie Robertson (1878–1981), Canada's first female surgeon

Music Personalities

  • Bobby Gimby (1918–1998) Writer of the Expo 67 theme: Ca-na-da
  • Glenn Gould (1932–1982), musician, pianist, composer, musical theorist
  • Gerhard Heintzman, Heintzman & Co. piano manufacturer
  • Alexander Muir (1830–1906), author of The Maple Leaf Forever (1867), Canada's early (unofficial) National Anthem
  • Joseph Mulgrew, Hard Core Logo lead singer and frontman (Fictional Character)


  • Alfred Ernest Ames (1867–1934), stockbroker, founder of A.E. Ames & Co.
  • Alfred J. Billes (1902–1995), cofounder of Canadian Tire
  • George Montegu Black II (1911–1976), president of Canadian Breweries
  • Matthew James Boylen (1907–1970) mining magnate, racehorse owner
  • George Albertus Cox (1840–1914), businessman, Senator
  • Robert T. Davies (1849–1916), businessman, racehorse owner
  • Timothy Eaton (1834–1907), department store magnate
  • James Henry Gundy (1880–1951), stockbroker, co-founder of Wood Gundy Inc.
  • Henry R. Jackman (1900-1979), businessman and politician, father of Lieutenant Governor Henry N.R. Jackman
  • Albert Edward Kemp (1858–1929), businessman and politician
  • Hart Massey (1823–1896), businessman
  • William McMaster (1811–1887), banker, statesman, a founder of McMaster University
  • Ryland H. New (1888–1979), businessman, racehorse owner
  • Frederick Nicholls (businessman) (1856–1921), businessman, founded the first electric power company in Canada
  • Arthur Godfrey Peuchen (1859-1929), businessman, soldier; survivor of RMS Titanic
  • Edward S. Rogers, Sr. (1900–1939), founder of Rogers Communications
  • Thomas Alexander Russell (1877–1940), automobile manufacturer
  • Steve Stavro (1928–2006), businessman, horse breeder, former owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Joseph Shepard II, businessman
  • Robert Simpson (1834–1897), department store magnate
  • Kenneth Thomson, 2nd Baron Thomson of Fleet (1923 – 2006), businessman, art collector, richest person in Canada
  • George Weston (1864–1924), businessman, founder of George Weston Limited
  • W. Garfield Weston (1898–1978), businessman


  • James Cox Aikins (1823–1904), politician
  • Herbert Henry Ball (1863–1943), politician and King's Printer
  • Frederick G. Gardiner (1895–1983), politician
  • William Lyon Mackenzie King (1874–1950), Prime Minister of Canada
  • Egerton Ryerson (1803–1882), minister, educator, politician, and public education advocate
  • Clifford Sifton, politician
  • Donald Dean Summerville, Mayor of Toronto
  • William Summerville, Toronto City Alderman, Board of Control, MPP
  • Howard P. Whidden, clergyman, Parliamentarian, Chancellor of McMaster University

Premiers of Ontario:

  • George Howard Ferguson (1870–1946)
  • William Hearst (1864–1941)
  • George Stewart Henry (1871–1958)
  • Sir Oliver Mowat (1820–1903), also considered a Father of Canadian Confederation
  • George William Ross (1841–1914)

Lieutenant Governors of Ontario:

  • Herbert Alexander Bruce (1868–1963), surgeon
  • William Mortimer Clark (1936-1917), lawyer
  • Lionel Herbert Clarke (1859–1921), brewer
  • John Keiller MacKay (1888–1970), lawyer, judge
  • Albert Edward Matthews (1873–1949), broker

Mayors of Toronto:

  • Samuel McBride (1866–1936), lumber merchant
  • Robert John Fleming (1854–1925), businessman
  • Warring Kennedy (1827–1904), businessman
  • Robert Hood Saunders (1903–1955), lawyer
  • Thomas Urquhart (1858–1931), lawyer
  • Allan Lamport (1903–1999), Toronto Transit Commission Commissioner


  • Arnold Brown (1913–2002), General of The Salvation Army
  • Jonathan Goforth (1859–1936), Presbyterian Missionary

Sports Personalities

  • Billy Burch (1900–1950), Hall of Fame ice-hockey player
  • Charlie Conacher (1909–1967), Hall of Fame ice hockey player
  • George Imlach (1918–1987), hockey player and coach
  • Dick Irvin (1892–1957), Hall of Fame ice-hockey player and coach
  • George Knudson (1937–1989), PGA Tour golfer
  • Igor Korolev (1970-2011), hockey player
  • George Lyon (1858–1938), Olympic Gold Medal golfer
  • Bill Zock (1918–1988), Hall of Fame CFL football player


  • James Bain (1842–1908), first chief librarian of the Toronto Public Library
  • Victor Child (1897–1960), painter, etcher and illustrator at the Toronto Telegram
  • Fred Davis (1921–1996), popular television host
  • Northrop Frye (1912–1991), educator, literary critic
  • Foster Hewitt (1902–1985), broadcaster
  • Laura Muntz Lyall (1860–1930), artist
  • David Milne (1882-1953), artist
  • F. W. Micklethwaite (1849–1925), prominent photographer
  • John A. Pearson, architect from the firm Pearson and Darling
  • Robert Sutherland (c.1830-1878), Canada's first black lawyer, and an important benefactor and alumnus of Queen's University

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