Mountain View Cemetery (Oakland, California) in Oakland

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The Mountain View Cemetery is a large 226 acre cemetery in Oakland, California. It was established in 1863 by a group of East Bay pioneers under the California Rural Cemetery Act of 1859. The association they formed still operates the cemetery today. Mountain View was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the landscape architect who also designed New York City's Central Park and much of UC Berkeley and Stanford University.

Many of California's important historical figures, drawn by Olmsted's reputation, are buried here and there are many grandiose crypts in tribute to the wealthy who are buried there, so many that one section is known as "Millionaires' Row." Because of this, and its beautiful setting, the cemetery is a tourist draw and docents lead semi-monthly tours.


Olmsted's intent was to create a space that would express a harmony between man and the natural setting. In the view of 19th century English and American romantics, park-like cemeteries, such as Mountain View, represented the peace of nature, to which man's soul returns. Olmsted, drawing upon the concepts of American Transcendentalism, integrated Parisian grand monuments and broad avenues.

Adjoining Mountain View Cemetery is Saint Mary Cemetery and the Chapel of the Chimes mausoleum and columbarium.

Notable burials

There are many notable people interred in Mountain View, many are local figures in California History, but others have achieved wider fame.

Politicians and Government Officials

  • Romualdo Pacheco, Governor of California 1875
  • George Pardee, Governor of California 1903–1907
  • George C. Perkins, Governor of California 1880–1883; U.S. Senator, 1893–1915.
  • Washington Bartlett, Mayor of San Francisco 1882–1884, Governor of California 1887
  • Coles Bashford, Governor of Wisconsin and Arizona Territory politician
  • Warren B. English, US Congressman
  • John B. Felton, Mayor of Oakland (1869–1870)
  • William M. Gwin, one of California's first Senators
  • Henry H. Haight (1825–1878), Governor of California 1867–1871
  • William Knowland, U.S. Senator, Publisher - Oakland Tribune
  • Adolphus Frederic St. Sure, Federal Judge
  • Samuel Merritt, early Mayor of Oakland

Industrialists and bussinesspeople

  • Warren A. Bechtel, industrialist, founder of the Bechtel company
  • Charles Crocker, railroad magnate, banker
  • Henry J. Kaiser, father of modern American shipbuilding
  • J. A. Folger, founder of Folgers Coffee
  • Peter Folger, American coffee heir, socialite
  • Francis Marion Smith, the "Borax King"
  • Anthony Chabot, father of hydraulic mining and benefactor of Chabot Space & Science Center
  • Domingo Ghirardelli, namesake of the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
  • William E. Dargie, Owner - Oakland Tribune
  • C.O.G. Miller, head of Pacific Gas Lighting Corporation
  • A.K.P. Harmon, lumber and shipping magnate Secretary Oakland Tribune Publishing Company
  • Frederick Delger, German shoemaker and multimillionaire
  • Freda Ehrmann, mother of the California ripe olive industry
  • Joe Shoong, Chinese immigrant and founder of the National Dollar Stores chain
  • Isaac Requa, made fortune in the Comstock Lode and railroads


  • Rossell O'Brien, American Civil War veteran who started the custom of standing and removing one's hat during the national anthem
  • Brigadier General Henry Brevard Davidson of the Confederate States Army
  • John Coffee Hays, Texas Ranger and first sheriff of San Francisco
  • Eli L. Huggins, Indian Wars soldier and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Henry T. Johns, American Civil War soldier and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Adam Weissel, United States Navy sailor and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Jeremiah C. Sullivan, Union Army general and staff member of Ulysses S. Grant
  • Ralph Wilson Kirkham, Union Army general
  • Oscar Fitzalan Long, Indian Wars soldier and Medal of Honor recipient

Arts and Culture

  • Thomas Hill, artist
  • Julia Morgan, architect
  • Frank Norris, author
  • Leandro Campanari, Italian-American violinist, conductor, composer and music teacher.
  • Herbert A. Collins, landscape and portrait artist
  • Ina Coolbrith, California's first poet laureate
  • Douglas Tilden, sculptor
  • Andre Hicks (aka Mac Dre), Northern California Rapper
  • William Keith, California landscape artist
  • Bernard Maybeck, architect

Local History

  • Edson Adams, laid out the city of Oakland
  • David D. Colton, namesake of the city of Colton, California
  • Joseph Stickney Emery, founder of Emeryville, California
  • Moses Chase, believed to be the first American to settle in the East Bay area
  • Alexander Dunsmuir, builder of the Dunsmuir House
  • Rev. Henry Durant, first president of the University of California, Berkeley
  • Anna Head, founder of the Head-Royce School
  • John Swett, Founder of the California Public School System.
  • Charles Lee Tilden, namesake of Tilden Regional Park
  • Rev. Benjamin Akerly, pioneer Episcopalian cleric of the Bay Area, performed the dedication of Mountain View Cemetery and officiated hundreds of its burials
  • Francis K. Shattuck, prominent in the politics and early development of Alameda County, Oakland and Berkeley.
  • Jane K. Sather, donor of Sather Gate and Sather Tower to the University of California, Berkeley

Other notable

  • David Hewes, who provided the "Golden Spike"
  • Joseph LeConte, co-founder of the Sierra Club
  • Fred Korematsu, challenged Executive Order 9066 in the landmark Supreme Court case Korematsu v. United States
  • John Marsh, first American doctor in California, also helped spur transcontinental wagon travel
  • Henry D. Cogswell, dentist and temperance movement crusader
  • Volney V. Ashford exiled revolutionary
  • Elizabeth Short, unsolved Hollywood murder victim known as the Black Dahlia
  • Marcus Foster, first Black Superintendent of the Oakland Unified School District in Oakland, California, first victim of the Symbionese Liberation Army
  • Cloe Annette Buckel, one of the first female doctors in California
  • William T. Shorey, the only African-American whaling captain on the Pacific coast
  • Josiah Stanford, older brother of Leland Stanford and ran Stanford Winery

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