Musée Mécanique in San Francisco

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Move to Fisherman's Wharf

In 2002 the National Park Service announced plans to relocate the Musée Mécanique temporarily to Fisherman's Wharf upon beginning renovations to the Cliff House. A portion of the $14 million renovation was devoted to the moving the museum, with support from the National Park Service, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and museum owner Ed Zelinsky. Despite the locals love for the original location, National Public Radio described the original space at the Recreation Area as "cramped, noisy, damp and a little dingy," The machines require constant maintenance, with some having undergone major restorations. SF Weekly called it the "Best Old-School Arcade" for 2011.


The Musée Mécanique has a collection of over 300 mechanical games including: music boxes, coin-operated fortune tellers, Mutoscopes, large laughing automaton which was originally located at the Fun House at Playland. The museum also owns a collection of machines made by prisoners at Alcatraz out of toothpicks.<ref name="Atlas1"/>

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