Museo Correr in Venice

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The Museo Correr is the civic museum of Venice, located in the Piazza San Marco, and is entered by the ceremonial stairway in the Ala Napoleonica (Napoleonic Wing) at the western end of the Piazza opposite the church of San Marco at the other end. The museum extends along the south side of the Piazza (the left side of the picture on the right) on the upper floors of the Procuratorie Nuove.

The museum holds art, documents, artifacts, and maps that chart the history and daily life of Venice across the centuries. The Napoleonic Wing has sumptuous Neoclassical decoration and houses a noteworthy collection of works by Antonio Canova.

The museum also has shown one person exhibitions of contemporary artist such as Anselm Kieffer, Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, Enzo Cucchi and Lawrence Carroll.