Museo de América in Madrid

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An excellent museum that many tourists miss. Houses thousands of artifacts from the Americas. The exhibit displays objects from many native cultures from before European conquest to colonial times and beyond. Don't miss the Tesoro (Treasure) de los Químbayas, a collection of gold objects that was given as a gift by the Colombian government. Also of interest is the Tudela Codex, an Aztec law book from the 1500's. Beware: most explanations to the objects on display are in Spanish only.
Price: Adults: €3, students €1.50, free Su, free for seniors and children
Hours: Tu-Sa: 9:30AM-3PM, Su 10:00AM-3PM, Closed Mondays, Jan 1, May 1, Dec 24, 25, 31
Address: Avenida Reyes Católicos 6
Directions: Metro: Moncloa
Phone: +34 91 5492641 and 91 5439437