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Neonopolis, a 250000 sqft shopping mall, is a $100 million entertainment complex in Las Vegas, Nevada located on top of a $15 million city parking garage. It is located on the Fremont Street Experience, at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard. In keeping with the complex's name, it contains three miles of neon lights.

Neonopolis closed in 2011. It was a commercial failure, cycling through several buyers until it reached its last owners in 2006. Developer Rohit Joshi purchased the property in 2006 for $25m and announced that he intended to rename it Fremont Square, but there has been little done to re-brand the name. As of September 2010, most of Neonopolis remains vacant minus a t-shirt shop, restaurant and Telemundo studio which occupy spaces closest to Fremont Street (total of about 25,000 square feet). The courtyard area and vacant spaces continue to deteriorate due to lack of maintenance and most of the facility looks abandoned. The underground city parking remains empty and does not supply any of the revenue that the city of Las Vegas was expecting to generate from Neonopolis to help pay for their investment in the development.

Current Tenants

Allure Fine Art

Located on the ground level in Suite 163. Original paintings, ethnographic art, limited edition prints, photographic works, sculpture and more.

Del Prado Jewelers

Located on the second level next to the SNMFA Emporium.

Heart Attack Grill

In July 2011, Heart Attack Grill owner John Basso announced plans to open the chain's latest store at Neonopolis in October 2011, taking over the same space abandoned by Jillian's and Las Vegas Rocks Cafe in recent years.


Telemundo announced that it has leased 17500 sqft for use as a television studio.

Future Tenants


The family restaurant franchise Denny's announced plans to open at Neonopolis with a 20-year base lease in June 2011.

Drink & Drag

A drag-queen themed entertainment venue, Drinks & Drag announced plans to move into the former Jillian's space on the second level of Neonopolis. The bar will feature an all drag queen staff, bowling, darts, pool table(s), a dance floor and space for drag shows.

Star Trek: The Experience

It was announced that would be moving to Neonopolis after more than 10 years at the Las Vegas Hilton. The experience and Museum of the Future were to open in 2012, with the attraction possibly opening at a later date. However, current status of the plans are unclear. More information is available in the .

Other Tenants History

Galaxy Neonopolis 11

Neonopolis 11 is an 14-screen theater complex that closed due to the property management's lack of payment to the air conditioning company. Its last day of business was May 8, 2009. Galaxy Theatres is no longer affiliated with the now-vacant, deteriorating theater. It originally opened as Crown Theatres 14. Three theatres were later rented by a local theatre company, leaving the movie theatre with 11 screens.


Jillian's was a combination restaurant and entertainment center. The restaurant featured American classical food. The entertainment side included a 12000 sqft game room, bar and lounge and a 12-lane bowling center.<ref name=lvrj1/> Jillian's also hosted live entertainment including mostly bands of the indie rock scene. Jillian's was closed in favor of the impending arrival of a new restaurant, which also closed in 2011.

Poker Dome

Neonopolis had been the site of the Poker Dome, home of the Poker Dome Challenge. The first Poker Dome event was held here on July 30, 2006. The Poker Dome announced plans in June 2007 to leave the Neonopolis.

Southern Nevada Museum Of Fine Art

The Southern Nevada Museum Of Fine Art relocated to Neonopolis in September 2008, Located on the second level. A recent addition to the Museum, the "Emporium" exhibits for sale the art of local, regional and International artists. The Museum has since closed since the current owner could not maintain (or pay for) the Neonopolis HVAC systems, required for the museums artifacts and art.

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