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Northfield is a city in The suburbs of Chicago Illinois It is about 20 miles North of the city of Chicago. The Population is around 5500 people. The city is primarily a residential village, with a small section of commercial real-estate.

Get in

  • By Car I-94/US-41 (local Interstate, known to locals as the Edens expressway), Five minutes from the interstate, with connections to other local suburbs.
  • By Plane [[1]] O’Hare International (Closer to the Northern Suburbs, Including Northfield, most major airlines fly there) Airport or Midway International Airport (Closer for the city of Chicago, cheaper airlines fly there, still access to Northfield) [2].
  • By taxi From both airports or from anywhere in the city.
  • By train From both airports and the Chicago (Metra[3], and the “EL”) is Chicago’s subway except its above ground).
  • By bus Pace/Metra, From trains, airports, and other local suburbs[4].

Get around

  • Pace bus - local public transportation)
  • Bike - many new bike trails through Forrest preserves)
  • Car
  • Foot


  • Cook County Forrest Preserves, Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Illinois

536 North Harlem Avenue, River Forest, IL, Lots of Public Bike paths, Fishing, and picnic areas[5].

  • Skokie Lagoons [6], popular area for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and family picnics.


  • Education: New Trier Township High School Northfield Campus, One of the area’s biggest, most popular high schools. This campus is primarily for the freshman class, the rest of the students attend New Trier’s East campus (located in Winnetka, Il). Known for high level academics, sports teams, and public service. Student Body can be estimated to be above 4,000, with about 300 faculty. [7], ☎ +1 847-446-7000
  • Kraft Food Headquarter [8]At this facility all the research for Kraft food is done. Also, product and development and some manufacturing does occur. This building is HUGE.
  • Local Farmer's Market
    Starting in late May through early September local farmers come to sell everything from fresh produce to milk and cheese. Other vendors sell baked goods and popcorn. A good place to meet and greet with the local people in the town to find out what is happening during the week. Weekends only. Located accross from New Trier High School(in the field).
  • Northfield Park District (address: 401 Wagner Road) +1-847-446-4428
    Holds a wide variety of events for the whole community ranging from summer events to fitness classes, and camps for kids and everything in between. Many grea Facilities that allow for all kinds of fun for the entire family.


  • Dominick's Grocery (address: 1822 Willow Rd.) 847-446-6870
    open: M-Su 6AM-12AM
    Local grocery store. Right off the main road running through town. Recently renovated.
  • Lori's Shoes (address: 311 Happ Road) 847-446-3818
    open: M-W: 10:00-5:30PM, Th 10:00-6PM, F 10:00-5:30PM, Sa 10:00-5:30PM, Su Closed
    The place to go if you are looking for to keep up with the trendy fashions on shoes. Popular with all ages of women, many different brands and selection of accessories aswell. Other locations throughout Chicagoland.
  • Your Advantage Tennis Shop (address: 310 S. HAPP ROAD NORTHFIELD, IL) 847-441-8400
    open: MONDAY - FRIDAY:
    It is the local tennis shop that has a wide variety of tennis products. Located in the main shopping area of the city.


  • Northfield Restaurant (address: 391 Central Ave) +1 (847) 446-3808
    A local restaurant were all the locals go to have breakfast. They offer everything from your basic scrambled eggs and toast to a creative take on a contemporary breakfast. The employees are all so friendly and the food is so much like your mom makes it you wont even believe your not at homme. Good home-made cooking. The location very close to interstate and main area of town.
  • Seul's Tavern & Grill (address: 1735 Orchard Ln) +1(847) 446-9798
    A local bar/tavern type of setting. Full service restaraunt and bar. Open all year round, good for a family trip out to dinner.
  • Subway (address: 310 Happ Rd) +1-847-446-0999
    A chain sandwich shop.
  • Tapas Gitana (address: 310 Happ Road) +1(847) 784-9300
    Spanish cuisine with a wide selections of food, ranging from tapas to full meals.You can sit in or out and even bring your dog one day a week during the summer.Lunch

Tuesday - Saturday 11:30 - 2:00 Closed for lunch Sunday and Monday

Dinner Tuesday - Thursday 5:00 - 9:30 Friday and Saturday 5:00 - 10:30 Sunday 4:30 - 9:00

  • Three Tarts Bakery and Cafe (address: 301 South Happ Road) +1.847.446.5444
    A local baerky that makes all sorts of cakes, cookies, and other treats. 7AM-5:30PM Monday thru Friday

7AM-5PM Saturday Closed Sunday

  • Viccnos (address: 300 Happ Rd.) +1.847.784.9500
    A new take on pizza, salads, sandwiches, and subs. A creative take on pizza allows customers to costume make their own starting from the crust and building up. You can make a pizza with any conbinations of toppings to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. This resturant is also very sensitve to food allegies can make a pizza with out cheese!


  • Starbucks (address: 1799 Willow Rd) +1-847-441-2047
    A wide variety of coffee, tea, pastries, and other food and beverage. Free Wifi and a local place to meet with friends.



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