Odeonsplatz in München

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Odeonsplatz is a large square in central Munich which was named after the former concert hall Odeon.


In 1791 the medieval city wall was demolished and plans for a square at the point of the Schwabing Gate (Schwabinger Tor) could be realized with the erection of the Brienner Straße in 1816. The Schwabing Gate itself was broken down in 1817. The Odeonsplatz is also the southern initial point of the Ludwigstraße. Here Leo von Klenze constructed the Feldherrnhalle (Hall of Heroes) between the Munich Residence and the Theatine Church and the Hofgarten Tor (Hofgarten Gate, 1816) at the end of the Brienner Strasse. North of this gate Klenze erected the Bazaar Building (1824-1826) of the Hofgarten and adverse in widening of the Ludwigstrasse the Odeon (1826-1828; present home of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior) and the Leuchtenberg Palais (1816-1821; present home of the Bavarian Treasury Department), both buildings were modelled on the Palazzo Farnese in Rome. The Equestrian Statue (by Max von Widnmann, 1862) was created in honour of the principal, King Ludwig I of Bavaria.

It is served by the U Bahn station of the same name.

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