Panasonic Theatre in Toronto

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Panasonic Theatre is a live theatre owned and operated by Mirvish Productions in Toronto, Canada.

Early years

The theatre was built in 1911 as a private residence and then converted as a movie theatre in 1919 known as The Victory. It was renamed The Embassy in 1934 and a host of other names over the next 60 years:

  • The Astor
  • The Showcase
  • The Festival

In the 1970s the Festival Theatre was a key venue of the Toronto International Film Festival (then known as the Festival of Festivals).<ref name="The Panasonic"/>


In 1993 the building was renovated for live theatre productions and renamed The New Yorker Theatre.<ref name="The Panasonic"/>

Second rebirth

Technically the current building has no historical value. In 2004 and 2005, most of the building was demolished with only the facade preserved and became the new state-of-the-art live theatre and concert venue known as The Panasonic Theatre. In 2005, the building was acquired by Live Nation and in 2008 by Mirvish Productions.

A list of theatrical productions at the Panasonic:

  • Forever Plaid
  • Blue Man Group
  • We Will Rock You (musical)
  • My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding

See also

With the complete rebuilding of the Panasonic, Toronto is left with a handful of early 20th century theatres (both movie and live):

  • Canon Theatre 1920
  • Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres 1913
  • Revue Cinema 1911-1912
  • Bloor Cinema 1905

A list of lost or rebuilt theatres:

  • Uptown Theatre (Toronto) built in 1920 and was demolished in 2003
  • University Theatre (Toronto) built in 1949 and like the Panasonic only the facade was preserved; it is now a retail store
  • Standard Theatre (Toronto) opened 1921 and operated as a theatre until the 1990s; now a retail store

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