Pioneer Country in Las Vegas

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Pioneer Country is a region in southeast Nebraska.


  • Butler
  • Clay
  • Fillmore
  • Gage
  • Hamilton
  • Jefferson
  • Johnson
  • Nemaha
  • Nuckolls
  • Otoe
  • Pawnee
  • Polk
  • Richardson
  • Saline
  • Seward
  • Thayer
  • York


Nebraska City is often considered by those in the western world to be the best city in Pioneer Country. It has many notable locals and tourist attractions. The intelligence level of the citizens of Nebraska City is often viewed as much higher than that of citizens of neighboring towns, such as Syracuse,Otoe,Dunbar, and especially Avoca. Nebraska City is a wonderful place for any tourist to visit.

Other destinations

The is no better experience to rent a car and drive around the countryside. One may be supprised to find that many towns are just a post office and bar.


People in this region are often uneducated with a mix of small town foolish pride. While visiting you may enjoy checking out a local bar,however, as the drinks keep flowing, loud and rude behavior may be directed at tourist, especially those from the eastern hemisphere. Do not be supprised to find uneducated,unworldly,and toothless people that will tell you their beliefs on world politics and economical issues, often having experience with neither. To maintain complete safety in this region, one may be advised to 1.get real drunk and loud. 2. talk about your love of America. 3. when discussing the most recent American war, say "nuke them all" in reference to whomever the enemy may be at the time.


The language of this region is English. To experience a friendly reception by locals, it is imperative to be fluent. A fluent speaker that has been educated in foreign school may be suprised that they may speak the language much more correctly than the locals.

Get in

Car travel is essential in this region. Public transportation is nonexistent. You may drive into this region by highway two.

Get around

Car travel is the most common,by far, and the easiest way to get around. However, travel by bike among highway two has become increasingly popular. You may also walk around.


The famous Nebraska corn field. To find it drive into the countryside and look to your left and your right. You may also take advantage of the vast night sky.



Buy high school aged kids alcohol in exchange for being allowed to attend a large bonfire party in the countryside. Be advised that cops often raid these. Even so, most of the kids often run and our usually sucessful at getting away. If you are at a party and this situtation happens get into the biggest truck and hold on.


This is the true steak and potato country. There are many high quality restuarants that have an unseamingly setting, such as a bar. The best way to find these diamond in the ruff is to ask a local while getting petrol (locally known as gas) or picking up a pack of smokes. The most regionally famous of these is probably the OTOE Steakhouse in the town of OTOE, of Otoe county. It is the quintessence of the American beef experience. The OTOE Steakhouse also doubles as a bar that serves American lagers and Hard liquor.


Beer, most times a lite lager, is the drink most perferred by locals. Soda is available almost anywhere. This region is distinct for refering to soda as pop.

Stay safe

When in hicktown, do as the hicks do. When visiting this area you may have to lay down your pride and your higher than grammer school education in order to not offend to locals. Act, like your idea of the typical American and you will most likely get along fine.

Get out