Point Isabel Regional Shoreline in Oakland

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Point Isabel Regional Shoreline in Richmond, California, operated by East Bay Regional Park District, is an award-winning park offering activities for humans as well as dogs. It also features a concession offering food for humans and grooming for pets. It has easy access for pedestrians, public transit, and private vehicles. A community organization, Point Isabel Dog Owners and Friends (PIDO), is dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of the park.


The 23 acre park was acquired by the East Bay Regional Parks District in 1975 from the United States Postal Service which operated a large bulk mail facility there. The USPS offered to lease the land free of charge to the EBRPD until 2025 as a form of mitigation for the construction of their facility adjacent to the then-future shoreline park. The lease came with the condition of free public access.

The park is currently undergoing about US $500,000 worth of capital improvements, including new irrigation systems and turf, fox tail removal, trail repavement, picnic sites and café seating. This is being funded by a portion of US $225 million collected by Measure AA (1998).

The remains of Laci Peterson and her unborn child washed up, at two separate sites, on the shores of the park in 2003.


The park is located along the eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay in the East Bay region of the Bay Area The northern shore of the park against Hoffman Channel was formerly a sandy beach and has been modified from its original state by leveling and in-filling of the surrounding mudflats, tidal flats and other wetlands. The shoreline is lined with broken concrete blocks and other riprap.

The park also offers striking panoramic views of both Marin County mountains, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.


The park is served by AC Transit's 25 bus line, which links to the El Cerrito Plaza BART station and Downtown Berkeley. The park is also accessible by car via I-80 and I-580 from the Central Avenue exit. There is ample parking in two parking lots and additional street parking as well.

The park connects to the San Francisco Bay Trail leading into the Marina Bay neighborhood northwestwards into Richmond and southwards through Berkeley to Emeryville.


Point Isabel Dog Owners and Friends (PIDO) is a community organization that works to raise funds for park maintenance and preservation.<ref name="largestoffleash"/><ref name="pidoabout"/> Point Isabel has also been noted in the media for its safety, lack of vandalism, and cleanliness.<ref name="largestoffleash"/>

The organization assists in funding mutt mitts and promotes their use to visitors. Self-policing by parkgoers and PIDO members has been credited with making the park dog waste-free.<ref name="largestoffleash"/>

PIDO sponsors "good citizenship" testing and accreditation for dogs as well as fundraising events, volunteer park cleaning, and a dog festival entitled "Barktoberfest".

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