San Moisè in Venice

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The Chiesa di San Moisè (or San Moisè Profeta) is a church in Venice, northern Italy. It is dedicated to Moses as, like the Byzantines, the Venetians tended to canonise Old Testament prophets. It also honours Moisè Venier, who paid for it to be rebuilt in the 9th century. The elaborate Baroque facade is covered in carvings. Some of its sculptures are generally attributed to Heinrich Meyring. The interior is dominated by Meyring's huge altarpiece - Mount Sinai with Moses receiving the Tablets. John Law, originator of the Mississippi Scheme, is buried in the church.

San Moisè is the parish church of one of the parishes in the Vicariate of San Marco-Castello. The other churches within the parish are Santa Maria Zobenigo, San Fantin, Santa Croce degli Armeni and the Basilica of San Marco itself.