San Stae in Venice

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San Stae is a church in central Venice, in the sestiere di Santa Croce.

San Stae, an abbreviation for Saint Eustachius, was founded at the beginning of 11th century and reconstructed in 17th century, has a main facade (1709) on the Grand Canal of Venice, constructed by Domenico Rossi, and richly decorated with statuary by Giuseppe Torretto, Antonio Tarsia, Pietro Baratta, and Antonio Corradini.

The interior has a tomb for the Mocenigo family. The right wall contains altars with works by Niccolò Bambini, Giuseppe Camerata, and Antonio Balestra. The three chapels on the left house works by Giuseppe Torretto, Pietro Baratta, Francesco Migliori, and Jacopo Amigoni. The roof of the presbitery has a ceiling decorated with a large canvas by Bartolomeo Letterini, while the walls have canvases by Giuseppe Angeli and small canvases dedicated to the Apostles, including a Martyrdom of St. Bartholemew (1721) (right lower) by a young Giambattista Tiepolo; a Martyrdom of St. James the Greater by Giambattista Piazzetta; and a Liberation of St. Peter by Sebastiano Ricci (left lower). The sacristy contains a Death of Christ by Pietro della Vecchia and a Trajan orders Sant'Eustachio to pray to the idols by Giambattista Pittoni.

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