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Santa Coloma de Cervelló is a small city near Barcelona in Spain. It’s one of the nicest villages in the region of the Baix Llobregat, where there are many pine forests to walk around. It has the tranquillity of a small town and it is near the big city. There are many streets with home gardens.



The weather here is Mediterranean the cold winter and the hot summer are smoothed by the proximity the sea. It's 20Km from the beach and it’s also near the mountain.

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Sta. Coloma de Cervelló is famous for the area called Colonia Güell where you can find LA CRIPTA, one the most important buildings by the great architect Antoni Gaudí, but also one the most widely forgotten works, It’s an enchanting place surrounded by pines. Every May there’s a Festival to honor the cherries , there is anexhibition of different kinds of cherries



The people come to live here to be quiet . There aren’t many stores because it’s very small but it’s safe and friendly. It has a square where every Sunday, many people take their children out to play.





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