Sex Machines Museum in Praha

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Sex Machines Museum (abbreviated SMM) is a sex museum in Prague, Czech Republic which has a collection of sex devices. Established in 2002, it is located near the Old Town Square. The official website of the Sex Machines Museum describes itself as "an exposition of mechanical erotic appliances, the purpose of which is to bring pleasure and allow extraordinary and unusual positions during intercourse." It is the only sex museum in the world solely dedicated to sex machines.

The three floored museum Its collections include body harnesses and "copulation tables" the purpose of which were to facilitate unconventional, even weightless, sex positions, instruments for the stimulation of "penile, scrotal, anal, vaginal and clitoral tissue" including a vibrator, wicked finger-spikes, "coercive" chairs designed for "absolute domination", an Asian "Magic Box" palanquin which has sliding peepholes, throne chairs with a hole in the seat to facilitate oral sex,<ref name=thestar/> chastity belts with clawed teeth which dates back to the 1580s, iron corsets etc.<ref name=ninemsn/> There is an anti-masturbation appliance for boys displayed in the museum which was made in France during the 1920s. It contained an electronic ring which was placed on the penis. The ring automatically switched on when there was an erection so that the boy's parents could become aware. Shoes worn by ancient Greek prostitutes are displayed in the museum. These shoes had the sentence "follow my steps" engraved on the soles so that they could leave an imprint on the ground.<ref name=thestar/> It also has a collection of erotic clothing.<ref name=smh/> The art gallery in SMM has collection of images pertaining to human sexuality.<ref name=smh/> There is a theatrette in the museum<ref name=smh/> which shows some of the world's earliest pornographic films<ref name=ninemsn/> directed in Spain during the 1920s.<ref name=smh/><ref name=telegraph/>

After the opening of the museum, city officials in Prague criticized it for what they viewed to be its "disagreeable" content. This increased the popularity of the Sex Machines Museum among tourists.<ref name=thestar/>

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