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Siegburg (i.e. fort on the Sieg river) is a city in the district of Rhein-Sieg-Kreis, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located on the banks of the rivers Sieg and Agger, 10 kilometres away from the former capital Bonn and 26 kilometres away from Cologne. Siegburg is at the base of a "mountain" (St. Michael's Mount, about 40km elevation), filled with picturesque cobblestone streets and traditional buildings.

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Getting to Siegburg is quite easy, as its infrastructure of traffic is excellent. It is immediately off the autobahn and has a direct link to the Bonn Hauptbahnhof.

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  • Visit the Michaelsberg Abbey where the monks produce Siegburger Abtei-Likör (since 1504) and a beer called Michel (since 2004).




A small town that caters to repeat business, there are many high quality restaurants in the city center.


  • Kranz Park Hotel - A very comfortable hotel run by the brothers Kranz. It is close to the city center, with a "penthouse" bar and excellent restaurant. They also have wet and dry saunas available onsite for no additional charge.


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