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The State Theatre is a heritage-listed theatre, located in Market Street, in the city centre of Sydney, Australia.

The Sydney Film Festival is hosted there for two weeks each June, and has been there since 1974.

Description and history

Located in Market Street on the site former offices of the Evening News newspaper, building commenced on the State Theatre in 1927 with an estimated construction budget of £400,000. The Greater Union theatre chain had purchased the land in 1926. The theatre incorporates such eclectic elements as Gothic, Italian and Art deco design.

It contains a 21 Rank Wurlitzer organ, one of three with the other two residing at and the (now demolished) Regent Theatre nearby and the State Theatre in Melbourne, and a Koh-i-Noor cut crystal chandelier which is the second largest on earth, weighing over four tonnes. The interior also included paintings by William Dobell and Julian Ashton. The building is listed on the Register of the National Estate.

A gothic-styled shopping block 11 storeys high was opened above the theatre in 1930, but later converted to offices.

A newsreel theatre, the first in Australia, was opened in the basement of the building in 1932. It later became a screening room.

The State Theatre held premiers of blockbusters in the 1960s and 70s, one of the most successful of which was Count Yorga, Vampire.

Live theatre returned to the theatre from the 1990s, with acts such as Shirley Maclaine, Shirley Bassey, Whoopi Goldberg, and Harry Connick Jnr, and musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita.<ref name="state"/>


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