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Necropolis Cemetery is a historic cemetery in Toronto, located on the west side of the Don Valley near Riverdale Farm. Opened in 1850 to replace "Strangers' Burying Ground" (or Potter's Field), the cemetery is the resting place for many dead Torontonians including:

  • Joseph Bloor
  • William Lyon Mackenzie - Toronto's first mayor and leader of the 1837 Upper Canada Rebellion
  • George Brown - One of the Fathers of Confederation and founder of what is now The Globe and Mail
  • John Ross Robertson - founder of the Toronto Telegram
  • Wilson Ruffin Abbott - successful Black Canadian businessman and landowner
  • Dr. Anderson Ruffin Abbott - first Canadian-born black surgeon
  • Ned Hanlan - world-champion oarsman
  • Monument honoring Samuel Lount and Peter Matthews - rebels from the Rebellion of 1837
  • Andrew Porteous - first person to be buried at Necropolis 1850
  • Charles Lindsey - editor in chief of the Toronto Daily Leader - son-in-law of William Lyon Mackenzie (1908)
  • William Peyton Hubbard (1842–1935) - black Toronto city alderman
  • Ralph Day (1898–1976) Toronto mayor from 1938 to 1940
  • Thornton Blackburn - former slave who made his way to Canada on the "Underground Railroad" and established the first cab company in Toronto (1890)
  • Joseph Burr Tyrrell (1858–1957) discovered that dinosaurs once roamed Alberta's Bad Lands
  • Royal Air Force pilots Durlin D. Bushell, Augustus White, Howard Harris and Arthur Green; died from Spanish Flu (1918)
  • Major Wylie McCabe - Irish Regiment of Canada and aide-de-camp to General Charles Foulkes
  • Ainsworth Dyer - a corporal in Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and died in Afghanistan in 2002
  • Senator John Macdonald (1824-1890) - Canadian merchant, churchman, philanthropist, and politician

The cemetery has over 50,000 bodies and a crematorium was built in 1933.

It is used to bury bodies used for research at the University of Toronto and is now part of the Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries.

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