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Vinopolis is a London commercial visitor attraction operated by Wineworld London that presents the subject of wine and oenology through exhibits and wine tastings. It is located at Bankside, to the east of Southwark Bridge and close to London Bridge on the south side of the River Thames. There is an attached restaurant, Cantina Vinopolis, and wine is also available for sale at the attached Lathwaites Wine Store. Vinopolis spans 2.5 acre and is devoted to the world of wine, including its history, development and taste.


Vinopolis was developed by a wine merchant called Duncan Vaughan-Arbuckle. He chose a site beneath the arches of a Victorian railway viaduct, which was built in 1866 by the South-eastern Railway Company who wanted to carry an extension line from London Bridge Station over the Thames to the north bank.

Vinopolis opened on July 23, 1999. It started as a four hour long guided tour through static wine displays with tastings, but the business has evolved over the years and today it runs as both a wine tour and a corporate events venue. Within the complex is a retail spirits shop called the Whisky Exchange, which offers a range of several hundred bottles of whisky and other spirits for sale.

Vinopolis' newest visitor attraction is the Authentic Caribbean Rum Experience, which opened to the public in July 2008. Available as part of Vinopolis' Spirits package, the Rum Experience introduces visitors to the rum production process and allows them to sample a selection of Caribbean premium rums.

Vinopolis today

There are four self-guided tours packages available, which offer from five to thirteen wine tastings. Group packages and group guided tours are also available.


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