WestEnd City Center in Budapest

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The WestEnd City Center is a shopping centre located next to the Western Railway Station, in Budapest, Hungary. Opened on 12 November 1999, it is known for having been the largest mall in Central Europe until larger ones were inaugurated, including Arena Plaza, also in Pest.

Other notable malls in Budapest include: Mammut, Pólus, MOM Park, Allée, Arena Plaza, Árkád, Campona, Csepel Plaza, Duna Plaza, Lurdy Ház, EuroCenter, Europark.


  • Client: TriGranit Development Corporation (joint venture of TrizecHahn Corporation and Granit Polus RA)
  • Site area: 540000 sqft
  • Total building area: 2000000 sqft
  • Layout:
    • 535000 sqft retail entertainment
    • 225000 sqft offices
    • 170000 sqft Hilton International Hotel
    • 240000 sqft open space – rooftop garden/park
  • Special features: accessible by subway, train, bus and tram
  • Awards: 2001 First in Retail, Prix d’Excellence, International Real Estate Federation, Paris

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