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Wild Wild Wet is a water park located inside NTUC Downtown East, Pasir Ris in Singapore. The park has a 3 storey high raft water slide that is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.

List of rides/attractions

Thrill rides

  • Slide Up: 4-story ramp slide. Riders accelerate down, skim across the deck and soar up the opposite side. This is repeated several times until the rider's momentum runs out. Capacities of the half pipes that you can get at the bottom part of the stair tower, can accommodate up to two passengers. Riders exit at a platform in the middle (bottom).
  • The Waterworks: A pair of water slides, one open and one enclosed.
  • Ular-Lah: The first raft slide in Southeast Asia. Each raft can accommodate up to 6 riders. The rafts shoot down a 80.5m long free-fall chute and then manoeuvres its way down into a shallow plunge pool.

Family attractions

  • Jacuzzi
  • Shiok River: 345m in length, skirting the perimeter of the park. Riders can swim in it or get a float and move along the currents. This ride also has miniature caves. Note that there are two "stations" on the river: one for entry and one for exiting riders. There is also a rest stop along a section of the river's course.
  • Skyrider: The park's only dry ride. Riders are able to control the speed of the 8 twin-seat carriages while enjoying an aerial view of the park 7m above ground. The mono-cycle system's only station is connected to the Shark Bay Locker area by a winding spiral staircase. There are proper gates for entry and exit, like a real train. Seat belts are provided.
  • Tsunami: Wave pool. Tidal waves appear every 15 minutes.the tsunami waves will appear after a bell has sounded. Riders can take a float and move to the 1.8m deep area and wait for the tidal wave to begin.The waves usually lasts for about 10 minutes.
  • Professor's Playground: A water playground designed around the theme of an experimental laboratory. Features ladders, slides and fountains and hidden water cannons. Every 10 minutes, a huge bucket tips water onto the people who pass by or who are waiting below it. Before the bucket tips, a bell will sound to invite people to gather below it to standby for the water to come down. There is usually a large crowd under the bucket before this happens.
  • Yippee: A smaller water playground, targeted at toddlers and young children. Spitting fountains such as fishes and safe and simple water cannons are all found here.

Food and beverage

  • Subway
  • Starhill Cafe


Wild Wild Wet ceased the use of FunKey card operation for transactions or payments around the park. Rental of lockers, or purchase Fun Photos, retail items as well as food and beverages are now made through cash or credit cards payment.

Awards and accolades

  • 2004 World Water Park Innovation Award
  • 2007 Accredited Pro-Family Business
  • 2009 Singapore Service Class (S-Class)

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