Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco

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Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) is a multi-disiplinary contemporary arts center in San Francisco, California, United States. Located in Yerba Buena Gardens, YBCA features visual art, performance, and film/video that celebrates local, national, and international artists and the Bay Area's diverse communities. YBCA programs year-round in two landmark buildings—the Galleries and Forum by Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki and Theater by American architect James Stewart Polshek.

The center has been used for the launch of new products by Apple Inc., including the iPhone and the iPad.


Yerba Buena Center for the Arts embraces many musical genres and styles. Not only does their center provide a stage for Bay Area musicians and chorales, but also stimulating musical practices from all over the world. Along with solo performances, YBCA also has invited various musical projects to use its facilities, like the tribute to composer Elliot Carter in 2008 and the Long Now Foundation in 2010 . The connection between these various musical practices is the intent for social change through education of another culture or creating a community around a purpose. Although month to month there are not many solely musical performances, music is oftentimes incorporated with other performing arts, like dance or theater.

Fine Arts

In addition to being a venue for musical performances, YBCA also acts as a museum. The various art exhibits and collections YBCA offers emphasizes its celebration of both local and world art. For example, in 2008 the art group Royal Art Lodge presented their psychologically surrealist works, challenging the viewer using simple drawings and more pronounced techniques like cutups. Not only does it hold specific art shows and exhibits, but it in itself is carefully aided by various artists in the atmosphere in its space. Instant Coffee, another artist group, designed a lounge room within YBCA for visitors to simply sit and listen to records with a chic atmosphere, while Space 1026 created YBCA's mural, a showcase of social and physical dimensions.


Dance at YBCA inspires many various forms from many various cultures. In October 2008, Israeli choreographers Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak presented their production of "Shaker" by combining ballet, modern dance, mime, and acrobatic techniques. This combination inspires the YBCA mission by presenting titillating performances with a global standpoint. In addition to more collaborative art forms, YBCA also presents more classical forms of dance, like ballet. Alonzo King held his show Lines at YBCA in November 2004, which centered around African American field recordings with various forms of music, narrative, and film playing in the background. Overall, this diversity of dance practices help keep YBCA true to its mission.


YBCA features all types of cinematic endeavors, including documentaries on virtually all subjects, art-house flicks, foreign films, and various other projects. During the Summer season, it showed such documentaries dealing with female masochists (Graphic Sexual Horror), and industrial design (Objectified) while also presenting obscure movie topics, such as its show Winning Isn't Everything: A Tribute to 1970's Sports Film which showed the movie The Cheerleaders. This rare combination of various films adds different dimensions to the YBCA community engagement-Desiring to educate the audience while also featuring light-hearted films meant simply to enjoy.

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